Entrepreneurship Mentor program - pilot  (Fall 2018)

Learn about our student entrepreneurs and their startups here:


1) Recruit Chute - Recruit Chute provides web-based software to help more efficiently and effectively match high school athletes with NCAA coaches. The CEO and Founder of Recruit Chute is Chris Roche. You can learn more about Chris here. You can learn more about Recruit Chute here. Chris will be mentored by Brian Taffora

2) Elegant Solutions - Elegant Solutions provides an integrated software and hardware solution to increase efficiency and patient satisfaction in hospital emergency rooms. The COO and Co-Founder of Elegant Solutions is Casey Dean. You can learn more about Casey here. Casey will be mentored by Tim Carr.

3) Grow Simply - Grow Simply provides a monthly subscription service of baby-related products to help save time and money for parents and caregivers. The CEO and Founder of Grow Simply is Rachel Gooding. You can learn more about Rachel here. Rachel will be mentored by Kathy Hust

4) RydePass - RydePass provides a mobile application to help increase college student safety and convenience. The COO and Founder of RydePass is Patrice Timchia. You can learn more about Patrice here. You can learn more about RydePass here. Patrice will be mentored by Aaron Everson. 

5) Curler Caddy - Curler Caddy provides a product that reduces child injuries and the risk of fires due to curling irons being left in un-secure places. The CEO and Founder of Curler Caddy is Mitch Schauer. You learn more about Curler Caddy here. You can learn more about Mitch here. Mitch will be mentored by Scott Bushkie.

6) A.R.C - ARC is a product that helps expedite athlete recovery from injuries with a proprietary liquid-based system. The CEO and Founder of A.R.C. is Noah Stamsta. You can learn more about Noah here. Noah will be mentored by Jay Goldberg

7) Fitness Fable - Fitness is a gamified fitness mobile application. The CEO and Founder is Chase Marty. Chase will be mentored by Jake Smith


If you have any questions about the Entrepreneurship Mentor Program please contact Dave Gee at: geed@uww.edu.