What do Launch Pad Student Startup Founders Have to Say?

  Launchpad was truly a turning point for my business.  Sure, the 1,000 dollars was valuable to my start up, but what cannot be overstated is the overall value of the time and effort that Dougan and Gee put in to help turn my idea into a business.  It was with their guidance and experience that I was able to avoid some of the pitfalls that young entrepreneurs face.  Maybe you are a freshman that has an idea, but doesn’t know if it is viable, or perhaps a senior that believes that they have it all figured out, either way, I strongly recommend that you at least meet with Dougan or Gee to talk over your idea, I promise that you will not regret it. - Lucas Fiene, CEO & Founder Infrastructure Inspectors

"From the moment you are accepted into the Launchpad program you know you are in for an experience - It's all hands on deck! The speed at which tasks are accomplished is spectacular, and by the end of your time in the program a solid business is sure to be formulated with a high probability of success. Whether you are pitching to potential investors, building a business plan, or implementing your strategy, there is no other program that can provide such a comprehensive learning curve. "

- Derric Francis, Founder, Hunt Butler.

"The Launchpad Program at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater has been a fantastic asset in developing my start-up business. They focus more on educating the individual rather than only caring about results. With the extensive mentoring, financial assistance, and use of the Innovation Center, I have been able to acquire an entrepreneurial mindset and grow my start-up past my own initial expectations." - Joe Magestro, Founder Accentric Music 

"Launch Pad was a great experience as a new entrepreneur ... UW Whitewater provided me the resources to build a minimum viable product of my business concept and gave me the background knowledge I needed to find quick success in business."  - Henry Schwartz, Founder, Mobcraft Beer


"Frankly, I was skeptical that a university-based startup accelerator could deliver me rapid insights, guidance and resources to truly accelerate my startup. I could not have been more wrong. The Launch Pad program took me from an idea to pitching my startup to national investors within two months." - Alec Tranel, CEO & Founder, No Dis Here


"Dave Gee is friendly, approachable, empathetic and has a great knowledge base of how to start and grow a business. He assists students like the business was truly his own. A great Launch Pad leader and mentor." - Travis Garski, CEO & Co-Founder, MGDS

"Dougan challenges me to 'think outside the box' and contemplate the development of a sustainable competitive advantage. He is a faculty with real-world insights. Great guy." - Greg Heal, CEO & Founder, Invertebooks.

"I would have done a mediocre job alone, but with Launch Pad I know I have created something special. With the guidance of the 1-on-1 meetings, roundtables and advice from other entrepreneurs, I am well on my way to a successful startup launch." - Emmett Storts, Founder, InvisiCaddy

"Launch Pad has truly helped me become more knowledgeable about the business environment and business experience. I am an avid learner and ever since I joined Launch Pad, I have been learning non stop. The only way for one to learn is to do it, and Launch Pad allows me to do it and feel comfortable." - Sam Lukach, CEO & Founder, i3Deliver